• Small Panels Have Issues Due to Uneven Dewatering!
  • Undulations
  • Surface Crazing Joint Restrictions
  • Average Work 150/200 Sqm Per Day for Labour Dependent

Limitations of the VDF / TREMIX System

  • Outdated: VDF or Vacuum Dewatered Floor technology is an old outdated system from a time when RMC was not easily available and Water – Cement was controlled or reduced after casting by the contractor. Vacuum pads are being used on the fresh concrete panels to remove excess water and compaction.
  •  Life: Because the panel size is smaller, the joints are smaller, resulting in earlier repairs due to joint damage.
  • Performance: The new and improved steel fibre reinforcement method cannot be used with the VDF system because the vacuum process disturbs the slab matrix. Steel fibre is less efficient and more expensive than regular steel rebar.
  • Quality: VDF / Tremix flatness and levelness cannot compete with the output of the Laser Screeding System.
  • Output per day is very low when compared to Laser Screeding Operations.

Laser-leveled floors provide several advantages over VDF or Tremix.

  • The laser screedSaver technology produces wider panel floors than any other method.
  • VDF panels cannot be cast wider than 4-6 m, whereas laser technology has no such restriction.
  • Unlike other laser machines and VDF systems, Laser ScreedSaver technology allows concrete to be screeded without running equipment over fresh concrete.
  • Concrete settles by 3% when water is removed. This can be topped up with a dry shake, but de-lamination may occur if there is little bleed water at the surface.
  • The VDF process creates voids in the concrete, and with the same water/cement ratio, ordinary concrete has a slightly higher strength than VDF concrete, implying that LaserScreedSaver should be used.
  • VDF concrete stiffens quickly, which is fine in the colder climates where it was first used (Europe), but limits its usability in hotter climates.
  • The concrete paste must be workable when constructing VeryNarrowAisle (VNA) warehouses or high-performance flat industrial floors. LaserscreedSaver uses low slump concrete because it screeds with hydraulic power and can work in slumps as low as 90MM-100MM with a W/C ratio of.45%.
  • Finer materials are removed during the VDF process, so fine sands and cement concentrations above 350 kg/m3 should be avoided. These problems are avoided by using Laser ScreedSaver.
  • The VDF technique is best suited for traditional long strip construction, which is fine for flat floors in VNA applications where the majority of construction joints are beyond the reach of forklift activity. The VDF procedure is incompatible with more modern, high-throughput construction methods such as Laser Screeding. For nearly two decades, European and American construction methods and equipment have been used to build warehouse, factory, and distribution centre floors. Building flooring with Laser ScreedSaver Technology.
  • Long strips are required for VDF construction. This method is slower than others and involves more floor joints. Although joints can be hidden beneath racking and out of the way of forklift traffic, this isn’t always possible, and who knows how the building will be used in the future? Building joints, time, labour, and materials are all reduced when using Laser screedSaver technology, saving money and reducing maintenance.
  • If the floor is FM2 or FM3, it will be manufactured with Laser ScreedSaver technology and a large pour method to reduce the number of formed joints and long-term maintenance costs. Building joints and floor cracks are reduced when using Laser ScreedSaver.


FM2 flooring

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