Jointless Floors​

What are the Requirements?

The trend toward jointless floors is growing wherever fewer joints, fewer cracks, less maintenance, and excellent durability are required, from warehouse floors to high-tech, pharmaceutical, and food processing facilities. Concrete contractors are faced with the task of producing a concrete floor that is both joint-free and crack-free in order to meet this demanding performance.

Durafloor Proflex Jointless Floor makes the floor versatile and offers higher energy absorption property to any kind of loading and racking. Any client pursuing Durafloor Proflex Jointless Floor have the freedom to use heavy and continuous movement of MHE ( Material handling equipment ) on joints without any maintenance.

How we do it ?

We can obtain joint-free and crack-free slabs with a high-quality concrete solution using shrinkage controlled concrete prepared with a shrinkage controlled additive. Larger placement sizes lower the number of joints required, as well as the number of mobilizations and load transfer reinforcement requirements, allowing us to stay on schedule and under budget. Also the inclusion of Duraflex ultra hooked end steel fiber offers a crack control mechanism which withstands post cracking behavior of the concrete and offers high bearing capacity.

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