Polypropylene Fiber

Secondary reinforcement for concrete slabs

How it works ?

Uniform distribution of Durocete™ PP fibers increases the tensile strain capacity of concrete when it is in its most vulnerable early ‘plastic’ stage. When the concrete starts to harden and shrink, the formation of plastic shrinkage cracks takes place and because of that weakened planes that develop into these cracks are minimized because of DURO-CRETE™ PP fiber.

It also lowers water migration in concrete by enabling the concrete to progress from plastic to a hardened state with greater integrity and hence it helps to increase the water-resistance of hardened concrete. As the millions of DURO-CRETE™ fibers distributed uniformly throughout concrete are equally elastic in all directions, impact and shatter forces are easily resisted. The fibers help absorb the shock of the force, as well as giving the concrete maximum integrity to withstand the force.

DURO-CRETE™ PP fibers conform to the EN 14889 : 2006 part 2 and ASTM C1609 / C1609M indicates flexural performance.

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Durocrete™ Macro Polypropylene Fibers

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