We are proud of our re-invented concrete just as you take pride in the product(s) that make your customer’s lives better.
It’s a perfect fit.

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manufacturing deserves a

Tailored solution

Your company has high pride in the uniqueness of the products you manufacture.

Just like you have created and manufacture a product that solves your customer’s needs in a very particular way, MEGASLAB™ has created and constructed a system that listens to your actual facility loading and use.

We provide you with a custom, facility-specific optimized design instead of a cookie-cutter copy and paste job as is so pervasive in the industry. One size fits all; that’s the ‘way we’ve always done it’ in concrete, right?

Not anymore.


DURAFLOOR Is Concrete Re-Invented.

It’s a revolutionary change to the way concrete is made.
We did not merely ‘enhance’ it for Manufacturing facilities, we completely re-invented it.

    • Incredibly flat surface.
    • Single panels as large as 200′ x 200′ with zero control joints.
    • Increased impact and abrasion resistance.
    • Dense durable surface.
    • Impermeable.
    • No densifier needed.
    • Reduced maintenance for facility and equipment.
    • Dramatic curling reduction.
    • Constant floor surface profile.
  • Rack anchors installed without conflict.
  • Increases real value of property.
  • Robot resistant.
  • Future Proofs the facility.
  • Lowest life cycle cost.
  • Self curing.
  • No additional floor coatings required.
  • Dramatic reduction is lost goods due to handling.



Imagine absolutely zero down-time related to slab floors.
Imagine a flooring surface with zero saw-cut joint, and only armored construction joints where needed that hold up under forklifts, heavy loads, racking systems, and harsh conditions.

DURAFLOOR is the next step in having that award-winning facility by eliminated traditional concrete-related issues, injuries, downtime, and repair costs.

FM2 flooring

With over 15+ years of experience in helping our clients and our fellow contractors in laying "Durafloor - Duraflex Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Floors", Durafloor Concrete Solutions LLP is a turnkey solution providing vertical of Kasturi Group, with a vision to provide our clients integrated end-to-end concrete flooring solutions.


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