Who We are

We have over a decade’s experience in laying a strong foundation for our clients and fellow contractors pan India. Durafloor Concrete Solutions LLP is the turnkey vertical contractor for the Kasturi Group. we create design, lay and finish Industrial grade concrete floors. using premium tools & techniques.

What do we Deliver

Maximise your profits with us! We understand your requirements, and strive to meet all your requirements from inception to execution, while designing each floor vigilantly. Our high quality tensile steel fibres ensure optimum flooring solutions at minimum cost & low maintenance.

What is unique about us

We are honoured to be the only Indian Steel Fibre manufacturer with design excellence and expertise in complying with TR 34 Standards. We build SFRC industrial grade heavy machinery floors, chemical resistant floors, narrow trained aisle, VNA floors, super flat and high racking floors.

Advantages with

Lower Turn Around Time

Duraflex™ Steel Fibres mixed in concrete with aggregates gives 360 degree reinforcement to concrete flooring.

High Quality & Cost Effective

Eliminate time and labour required for fixing traditional reinforcement.

Precision Surface Flatness

Laser screed execution allows us to offer precise flatness and leveling with every flooring project.

Joint-less Floors

Latest in technology, equipments, and highly trained professionals, we can lay joint-less floors of upto 1000 sqm in a single day.


Built Strong! Last Long!


We look for value engineered options to offer our clients and we provide our expertise to meet your engineer’s specifications. Durafloor Concrete Solutions LLP is strongly committed to programming and scheduling to complete your project at the most optimum cost. Our highly trained operations team can achieve high surface tolerance on every floor, by using traditional screeding and automated laser screeding for larger areas. Durafloor provides long performing floors that are unsurpassed in quality.

Built Strong! Lasts Long!